NYC Living

There are parts of living in NYC that I love. I enjoy going to museums, eating in great restaurants, being able to walk most places, and being around experts in their respective fields.

This morning was supposed to be my first day back on my Lite Speed racing bike, that I used to ride regularly  before my daughter was born.  I made a date with a friend to meet at the Central Park Boat House at 6:00am and cycle.  Last evening when laying out my gear, I realized I had the wrong biking shoes and had to cancel my ride.

This morning I searched my storage locker in my building and found my Carnac cycling shoes and am thrilled to get on my bike tomorrow morning!

Living in a NYC apartment requires minimalism.  Seasonal gear gets moved to storage and switched out each season.  It takes an amazing amount of organization to keep track of where toys, sporting gear, clothing, holiday wrapping paper and ribbon, and big serving platters are.

The billboards for NYC storage are quite pertinent to those of us who choose to remain in an apartment in NYC.

Would you prefer to live in the city or suburbs?


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